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A Crafters Song (Tune ‘We’re busy doing nothing’ from Snow White)

A Crafters Song I’m busy with my crafting, Crafting the whole day through. I’m working with scissors, paper and glue. I’m busy with my crafting Isn’t it such a crime. I’d like to do some housework But… I simply don’t have the time Found by a friend on the internet

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Treasure Box

Treasure Box This box is for my treasures; things I keep to ‘make and do’. Like bits of card and buttons, lolly sticks and glue, fabric scraps for making dolls, some ribbon and some net. I’ll add  a pad for new ideas because I might forget. I’ve got a bag of sequins, some beads and […]

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100gms mixed paper

100gms pack of mixed paper sizes up to A5.  Choose from blue, red/pink, gold& silver, neutrals, shades of white, black, greens or oranges/yellows.  25p a pack Collect from Harwich. E-mail or phone for details

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Trinket box

Choose a small food can and wash thouroughly. Cover the side of the tin with fabric ( slightly larger from top to bottom than the tin), using a strong PVA or other glue. Cut a circle of fabric to cover the base, folding the side fabric in neatly under the circle.  Fold the fabric over […]

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Rag Rug

This rug is made from old t-shirts but any fabric can be used. Cut your chosen fabric into 25cm wide strips.  With a t-shirt cut off the hem and gradually cut up the body in one continuous piece Plait strips, using different colours. Keep one length shorter than the other two to make plaiting easier. […]

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Dog Toy

This toy is made for throwing or pulling. Gather some scraps of fabric and stitch together to make a piece about  a metre  and a half (55 inches) long by about 30cm (12 inches wide).  Sew into a tube. Tie a knot in the tube close to one end then add some scrap fabric to […]

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Quilts made from scraptore fabrics

A few of the quilts I have made using fabrics from the Scrap store. The tree of life  shows one small part of the quilt . It is made in  satin and super-king size the other quilts are mostly cottons with lots of textured fabrics used in the dinosaur quilt

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Fish Tank

Take a small cardboard box (5p from Scrapstore), open it flat and cut a ‘window in each of three sides , leaving the back intact. Choose a suitable picture (from magazine or internet) and glue to the back of the tank. Remake the box, leaving the top open    Colour a piece of paper randomly […]

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Indian headdress

Cut a length of corrugated card from a grocery box and paint with desired pattern. Punch a hole at each end and add elastic to fit head. Push feathers into the corrugations

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