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Box of flowers card

This box of flowers makes a great birthday card.    Make a box card using the template available at the scrapstore. Cut flowers from scrap paper and card and use a rounded object to add shape and movement (seee picture of some of the things I use including crochet hooks and icing tools). Use some […]

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You will need:  Loo roll middle, empty pen case, PVA, newspaper, green florists tape and coloured tissue paper. Stuff the inside of the tube with some newspaper then glue the pen case  in place to make a stem. Cover the top of the tube with a piece of tissue paper then cut or tear the […]

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How to Make – Hellibores & Daffodils

Helibore Cut the individual cups from the tray in a box of mince pies and paint them dark red Cut down to make 4 petals on each flower Cut some yellow wool or strips of paper about 2 inches long and fold in half Twist a length of wire around them to hold them in […]

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How to Make – Carnations

You will need: Tissue paper (like the type found in shoe boxes) Straw – bendy type Paper clip  (brass pin type) Green florists tape Pinking scissors Blusher, lipstick or red felt pen To make: Crumple 4 pieces of tissue paper then flatten out. Fold all 4 sheets into four. Keep folded and use a jam […]

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