Treasure Box

Treasure Box

This box is for my treasures;

things I keep to ‘make and do’.

Like bits of card and buttons,

lolly sticks and glue,

fabric scraps for making dolls,

some ribbon and some net.

I’ll addВ  a pad for new ideas

because I might forget.

I’ve got a bag of sequins,

some beads and one pink sock,

some leather and some plastic bits

they’re all inside my box.

I’ve added thread and needles,

sticky pads and tape,

a ruler and some scissors:

(I’m not sure what I’ll make.)

Now in go pens and pencils,

some brushes and some paint,

some tinsel left from Christmas,

and some bottle tops I want.

I’ve put in string and bendy straws,

and cogs from broken clocks.

Now all I need,

I think you’ve guessed,

Is a much, MUCH bigger box.

Kathy 2015

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