Trinket box

fabric covered tins03122009_0000

Choose a small food can and wash thouroughly. Cover the side of the tin with fabric ( slightly larger from top to bottom than the tin), using a strong PVA or other glue. Cut a circle of fabric to cover the base, folding the side fabric in neatly under the circle.  Fold the fabric over the open edge of the tin and glue in place. Cut a strip of fabric to cover the inside of the tin, fold over one edge and glue in place neatly inside with the foldat the pen edge of the tin. Cut a card circle to fit the inside bottom of the tin and glue in place.

To make the lid cut a circle of stiff card slightly larger than the top of the tin and one slightly smaller than the inside of the tin. Cover both pieces of card with matching fabric pulling the edges over and gluing down neatly. Leave to dry then glue both pieces of card together to form the lid. Add a button to the top as a knob.

Trim with lace, gems, sequins etc.

To  make the lid attached to the tin use a short length of ribbon glued between the can and the inner layer of fabric  at one end with the other end glued between the two pieces that make up the lid

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