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Trinket box

Choose a small food can and wash thouroughly. Cover the side of the tin with fabric ( slightly larger from top to bottom than the tin), using a strong PVA or other glue. Cut a circle of fabric to cover the base, folding the side fabric in neatly under the circle.  Fold the fabric over […]

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Rag Rug

This rug is made from old t-shirts but any fabric can be used. Cut your chosen fabric into 25cm wide strips.  With a t-shirt cut off the hem and gradually cut up the body in one continuous piece Plait strips, using different colours. Keep one length shorter than the other two to make plaiting easier. […]

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Gel pen necklace

Some gel pens have a rubbery finger grip Slide the grip from the body of the pen (some take more effort than others but they do come off) Paint with glitter glue or nail varnish if liked Glue together in a pleasing design Thread a cord or ribbon through one section. Cut a pen body […]

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Box of flowers card

This box of flowers makes a great birthday card.    Make a box card using the template available at the scrapstore. Cut flowers from scrap paper and card and use a rounded object to add shape and movement (seee picture of some of the things I use including crochet hooks and icing tools). Use some […]

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