How to Make – Mini Boxes

Perfect for decorating the Christmas tree or as an advent calender

You will need:

  • templates of boxes (bottom of page)
  • Thin card (cereal boxes are great
  • coloured paper (xmas gift wrap, wallpaper etc)
  • glue
  • ribbon
  • sequins, glitter etc to decorate

To make:

  • Trace or photocopy the templates then cut out in thin card.
  • To cover the entire box cut out in chosen paper. Use PVA to glue paper to card. Leave to dry
  • Fold on all score lines. (TIP: Use a ‘dead’ ballpoint pen and ruler to score lines before folding)
  • Open and flatten all folds then glue side tab into place. Leave to dry
  • Tuck in and glue bottom flap
  • Make a small loop of ribbon and attach ends inside lid of box with sttrong glue or sticky tape.
  • If box is to contain sweets (jelly babies fit nicely) place inside now. Close lid and fasten in place with a small square of sticky tape. Check it will hang without coming undone!
  • Decorate box as liked with ribbon, bows, sequins, glitter etc.

Finished Mini Boxes

Finished Mini Boxes



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