How to Make – Nativity People

All figures are made from corks, champagne corks are best but any cork will do. For a larger Nativity set use small bottles (benecol/yakult type) and proceed in the same way.

All figures: cut a small circle of flesh coloured paper for face. Draw on features.

Make all figures in the same way, just change the colours

Mary: wrap cork with blue fabric or paper (seam at rear
Add a blue cloak and paper hands.
Glue black wool to top of cork for hair.
Cover head with small square of white fabric or paper and tie a thin cord around. Glue ends in place

Joseph and shepherds: Use brown or beige fabrics and brown hair

Kings: Use brightly coloured fabrics or paper. Hair and beard can be cotton wool or scraps of brown or black wool
Gold foil for crowns.
Gifts can be small piece of polystyrene painted gold, button with gold bead, scrunched up foil

Manger: Make small box shape from card.

Jesus: Make a tightly rolled bead from cream should be very short from brown wool. Cover with a blanket made from a scrap of fabric or paper. Make features with fine tipped pen. Halo is a large sequin.

Angel: Use white fabrics for dress. Make small book to hold in hands with 2-3 pieces of thin paper. Hair can be light brown or yellow wool
Tie hair with tinsel. Halo is a large gold sequin. Wings are cut from any stiff fabric or card and covered with foil

Sprinkle with wood shavings or shavings from pencil sharpener

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