How to Make – Hellibores & Daffodils


  • Cut the individual cups from the tray in a box of mince pies and paint them dark red
  • Cut down to make 4 petals on each flower
  • Cut some yellow wool or strips of paper about 2 inches long and fold in half
  • Twist a length of wire around them to hold them in place.
  • Glue the layers of the flower together with the petals alternating
  • Make a small hole through the centre of the flower and push the ends of the wire through
  • Trim the short end of a bendy traw to about 2cm
  • Push the wire ends into the strawand bend to shape
  • Cover straw with green crepe or florists tape
Finished Hellibore

Finished Hellibore


Make as above using a plastic egg box painted yellow and with a brass paper clip instead of stamens and wire

Finished Daffodil

Finished Daffodil

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