How to Make – Santa

You will need:

small bottle
pink paper
red fabric
white fur and cotton wool
black card
PVA glue

Finished Santa

Finished Santa

Cut a circle of pink paper for face (size depends on size of bottle) and glue onto lid
Wrap a piece of red fabric around main part of bottle and trim to fit with join at centre back
Cut a strip of black for belt and use gold pen to draw on a buckle
Cut a strip of red fabric for arms (judge the size by wrapping around body of Santa)
Cut 2 hands from pink or black paper and glue to ends of fabric.
Glue fabric arms to back and sides of body
Trim body with white fur scrap as shown
Cut feet from black card and glue bottom of bottle to feet
Glue scraps of cotton wool to face for beard and eyebrows.
Mark eyes, nose and mouth with pens
Make hat from triangle of red fabric and glue to head
Trim with white fur

Step by step images:


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