How to Make – Carnations

You will need:

Tissue paper (like the type found in shoe boxes)
Straw – bendy type
Paper clipВ  (brass pin type)
Green florists tape

Pinking scissors
Blusher, lipstick or red felt pen

Finished carnation

A finished carnation

To make:

Crumple 4 pieces of tissue paper then flatten out.

Fold all 4 sheets into four.

Keep folded and use a jam jar lidto draw a circle on the top fold.

Still holding the sheets together cut out the circle using pinking or other fancy scissors.

You should now have 12 circles.

Snip down each valley around the edge of the circle to create crinkle petals.

Fold each circle into quarters and rub a little blusher, lipstick or red felt pen over the edges. Open out flat.

Push a brass paper clip through the middle of each circle.

Trim the short part of the straw to about 1”/2.5cm.

Push the end of the centre into the straw.

Cover the entire straw with florist tape, spiralling from the flower to the base.

Fluff out the petals.

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